iCornèr App

Wherever you are and with a single login: thanks to our app, you can execute payments, reload your Cornèrcard or access your Banking or Cornèrtrader account.

We are at your side wherever you are!

Would you like to be always up-to-date on your banking, make payments, reload your Cornèrcard payment cards, receive the latest financial analysis or have access to Cornèrtrader? The iCornèr App makes all this possible, with a single log-in.

Pay in just a few clicks, anywhere and anytime!

Our app is just what you need. You can make domestic, international or postal payments and also use it for bank transfers. You couldn't ask for more!

With Scan>Pay! You can execute your payment orders in a simple and fast way with the iCornèr App. Capture the data on the payment slips via the camera on your smartphone, check the details and authorize the payment in a few clicks.

Your bank accounts at a glance

Have access to your bank accounts and keep your financial situation always under control, no matter where you are. Thanks to your smartphone notifications, you can check all incoming and outgoing account movements.

Reload your Cornèrcard in real time

For greater flexibility, you can reload your Cornèrcard payment cards whenever you want directly from your app, in the card section, and above all in real time.

We are at your side

Our specialists offer you a top-quality service to meet your requirements and help you reach your goals.